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If you are logged in to the wiki, user Preferencias are accessed by clicking on "Preferences" in the upper right hand corner of any wiki page. This will open up a panel with eight tabs:

  • Perfil de usuario
  • Apariencia
  • Fecha y hora
  • Edición
  • Cambios recientes
  • Seguimiento
  • Buscar
  • Miscelánea

Any changes can be saved by clicking on the "Guardar" button in the bottom left corner of the page, the default choices can be reinstated by clicking on "Restore all default settings".

Perfil de usuario[editar código]

The user profile tab is the default opening tab and displays the basic information about your account on the wiki. The information provided includes:

Información básica[editar código]

  • Username – This is the name with which you log in to the wiki
  • ID de usuario – This is an internal number assigned to your account
  • Miembro de los grupos – This is a list of the groups to which you belong
  • Cantidad de ediciones – This is the number of edits you have made to this particular wiki
  • Fecha y hora de registro – This is the date and time you created your account on the wiki
  • Nombre real – This field is optional and can be used to fill in your real name. The default value is blank.
  • Género – This field is Opcional. The default value is "undisclosed".
  • Password – This section allows you to change your password but does not actually show your current password.

Internacionalización[editar código]

  • Idioma – The default value in this field is en – English, but you can change it to whichever other language you prefer and the general wiki menus will appear in that language thereafter.

Firma[editar código]

This section displays your current signature (the text which is displayed if you use ~~~~ to sign something. It also allows you to change your signature. For a template click here

Opciones de correo electrónico[editar código]

This optional section allows you to specify an email address and to customize what sort of email you receive from the wiki at the specified address.

Apariencia[editar código]

This is the second tab and allows you to change the general appearance of the wiki when you are logged in.

Apariencia[editar código]

The skin of the wiki includes the colour scheme and any background images you see. By default, you see the skin which was designed by the people who created the wiki. However, you can make the wiki appear complete differently for you by creating one or two custom files:

  • Custom CSS
  • Custom JavaScript

Archivos[editar código]

The Files section lets you set the size of the images displayed in file description pages and also how large thumbnail images are (the width in number of pixels).

Fecha y hora[editar código]

The date and time section allows you to specify how you wish dates and times to be formatted.

Formato de fecha[editar código]

The date format provides 4 choices in addition to the default setting.

Diferencia horaria[editar código]

The time offset section lets you specify your timezone based on your geographic location.

Edición[editar código]

The editing tab allows you to set how large the editing window is (the default being 80 columns x 25 rows) and some more advanced editing options.

Cambios recientes[editar código]

This tab allows you to set how the Recent Changes are displayed.

Seguimiento[editar código]

This tab allows you to set how the list of pages you watch is displayed.

Buscar[editar código]

The search options tab lets you specify how many hits are shown on one screen, which namespaces are searched by default and whether or not you want predictive text while typing search terms.

Miscelánea[editar código]

The Miscelánea tab governs who the differences (diffs) between two versions of the same page are displayed when comparing version in the "Historial" tab.